Trace Back Printing

We can print fast so you don't have to wait.

Contact Our Sales Teamprinted blueberries container with Traceback 2d Code

A digital printer capable of printing 2D DataMatrix & QR Codes at high speeds directly on your labels.

The code is scannable as you pack for storage in a database for easy retrieval and reference if needed.

Each label will display a unique serial number in sequence giving you the ability to refer to lots of any size and ensuring your customer 100% trace-back ability.Last year we manufactured 50 million of these pre-coded serialized labels for the blueberry industry and will be able to offer the same service to you.

In the near future, you will be required to show the ability to trace back your fruit.
Be proactive and show your customers you are onboard with the 2D DataMatrix technology.

16 customizable digits available to organize your data in a way that works best for your operation.

Examples include:

  • Line that packed the product
  • Date packed
  • Field packed from
  • Date shipped etc.
  • Shipping and distributing process

All of this information is embedded in the code and is accompanied by a human-readable set of alpha-numerics. As the product is packed it passes under a scanner and the data is stored in a database.

Please ask us about designing your label to include this new 2D DataMatrix technology. Your customers demand it and they will thank you for having it on the label.

Call Tom Hock at 800-441-7333 Ext 112 or email for more information.